Questions to agents for professional female football players

– What does it cost to have a football agent?

Basically, you do not have to pay anything to an agent. Only when a contract is made with a club or a commercial partner the agent will be paid. An agent is paid a certain percentage of the player’s salary. This can be done by the player or by the signing club. As an agent, I also get a certain percentage of the personal sponsorships I provide to the player.


– Does the player make a contract with the agent?

Yes, a so-called representation agreement is being made. It is a standard contract that the football federation has made. It is not allowed extending to two years.


– Does the agent decide on the player?

No, definitely not. It is always the player who makes the decisions. The agent can help, advise and recommend. This often happens together with parents or other relatives to achieve the best possible result.


– Is the agent trying to transfer the player to another club as often as possible?

Clearly no. If you change your club all the time, you will never get the best sporting results. Football is a team sport where the players’ relationships are incredibly important. Therefore, time is required to build these relationships. Club changes are relevant when you should be challenged at a different level. As an agent, I do not necessarily earn more at a club transfer than on an extension of a contract with the present club.


– Can the agent help outside of the professional football ?

Yes, definitely. It is also the agent’s task to assist with advice on other areas. Here I have partners who are experts in law, education or job prospects after the football career. Another major area is the marketing of the player (media, sponsors, etc.).


– Why do football agents often have a bad reputation?

Here it is clearly necessary to distinguish agents from the world of men and women’s football universes. In the men’s world the amounts are so huge that a lot of junk agents try everything to get in the millions. Therefore, they also use many dirty tricks. In the women’s football, the amounts are so small that the more money-loving agents will not deal with this at all.


– Who can become an agent?

Previously you had to pass a FIFA agent test. Now you don’t have to do this. Today, you must have a clean criminal record and a proper reputation in order to register as an agent in a national football federation. At the same time, I have to pay a registration fee for the permission. In addition, I also have to pay a fee for each player with whom I make a representation agreement.


– Couldn’t a player’s parents just do the job of an agent ?

Yes, they could theoretically do the job. The questions to be answered are:

o Can they judge your soccer performance objectively ?

o Can they distinguish the emotions (ambitions for our daughter) from the football player’s needs?

o Do they have insights into the other clubs’ strategies, resources and traditions / DNA?

o Do they have an international network to the decides in the clubs?

o Do they have knowledge / experience / insight about marketing?

My experience says parents should do what they are best at: being parents !!


– Which 5 advices do you want to give a talented young football girl?

1) Hard work beats talent.

2) Always get quality into all your training.

3) It is important to develop a professional mindset.

4) Always believe in yourself, you can achieve your dreams.

5) Get yourself a good agent.


(Test the agent with specific questions about women’s football. If the agent can’t answer your questions, choose another who has real knowledge about women’s football).


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