There is plenty of commercial power in female football players

Women have considerable purchasing power and the majority of buying decisions are taken by women today. Whether you buy cars, electricity or property, women often have a decisive influence on the choice. So it’s not just about the more traditional “women’s subjects” like children, jewelry, cosmetics or fashion.

I help to tie the company together with the positive values ​​that the players stand for. Women’s football is globally the most attractive growth area in women’s sports. Together with you, we will make a common plan based on your wishes. Your marketing should not be based on standard solutions, but unique actions with good role models. The players are strong and brave girls with both legs on the ground. Here are no stars who have lost the grounding, the girls have close ties with their fans. Company and player can reinforce each other. Your investment returns a good return (ROI). Women’s football offers a wide range of options as a “standalone sponsor” for forward-looking companies.

A sponsorship should be activated to take full advantage of the potential. Remember: modern women are very active in social media !!

Your support for the women’s football can also be part of your CSR program, which includes concepts such as gender equality, fairness, transparency, health, integration or local involvement.


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